Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Youtube obsession continues!!

Hey guys,
So I have a obsession with YouTube! I spend hours on hours just watching video! My whole summer is filled with watching YouTube video! On my last post about YouTube I wrote bout my favorite beauty gurus. But this post is about my favorite non-beauty gurus. What I love to watch is vlogs! I like to see what people do in there daily life! Sound creepy right? I also love to watch pranks! Everyone need a good laugh right? There are also a few singers in here! So here is a list of my of favorite YouTube!
1.Lana McKissack- I love her skits!! 

2.livinlikelindsey- I think I like her vlogs more then her beauty video!

3.AprilJustinTV-One of my favorite couples on YouTube! They have the cutest relationship!!

4.Paint- Ok, so I showed one of his song to my friends they all fell in love with him!

5.Sam-I love his prank!! 

6.MagicofRahat- I love his drive thur pranks!

7.Peter Hollens-I love his voice!

8.Joey Graceffa- Joey is my all time favorite vlogger!

9.JacksGap-I am in love with the twins!! That's all I can say!!

10.AppernticeEh-I love how its one channel but there are many people who vlog!

11.gootmusic-love his voice

12.livingwithcici-I can so relate to her.

13.IISuperwomanII-My favorite YouTuber of all time.

14itsJudysLife- They are such a cute family.

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